7 Pods Hydroponics Growing System Indoor Herb Garden Germination Kit

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Faster Growing System
Grow your plants in a self-contained water system 20% faster than traditional soil planting method. Freedom to grow in any season and enjoy year-round fresh veggies without the mess of soil and dirt.

High-Performance Grow Light
No need to chase the sun now! Your plants will grow up healthily and strong with the 23W LED light source designed to recreate the sun light spectrum regardless of weather and seasonality. Ideal for planting your fresh veggies in the kitchen, living room or office.

Built-in Pump & 3 Grow Modes
Water pump aerates the water to stimulate plant growth. The sponges around the pump can also effectively filter impurities in the water. Alternatively, choose from built-in 3 growing modes (Normal/Enjoy/Grow) and adjust the height of lamp to ensure healthy growth of plants at every stage.

Ideal Germination Kit for Beginners
Easy to set up the hydroponics growing system with almost everything included. Add water mixed with nutrients to start your own soil-free planting journey. Built-in automatic timer controls keep your plant nourished and save you from the hassle of constant monitoring.

A Sweet Gift for Family & Friends
It is an ideal education gift for your kids to help learn about growth and taking care of a living plant, also an amazing present for those who love growing greens indoors.
Indoor Gardening
Indoor gardening has become increasingly popular over the past few years, as many people are turning to sustainable urban farming methods in order to supplement their access to fresh produce. With no soil needed, the iDOO 7 Pod Indoor Garden Starter Kit makes it easy to get started right away, whether you’re a novice gardener or a seasoned pro.

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