WiFi Hydroponics Growing System with APP Controlled

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Grow 5X Faster than Soil
The integrated low-noise pump of the hydroponics growing system aerates the water to stimulate plant growth. 22-Watt full spectrum LED grow light simulates the sunlight to ensure your plants grow prosperously no matter what season. Grow your plants 5X faster than the traditional soil planting method. Grow 8 plants at a time.

2 Planting Modes & Adjustable Light Height
Choose "Vegetable" or "Flowers & Fruits" mode for your plants to get specific light conditions. The light height of the hydroponics growing system can be adjusted to provide sufficient light at every stage of your plants’ growth (Max. 13.6 inches).

Hydroponics Growing System via "Gennec" App
Pair the hydroponics growing system with the "Gennec" app using WiFi to remotely turn on/off light/pump at any distance. Freely adjust the light time to fit for day shifters or night workers. Adjust the pump runtime according to the different growth stages of your plant. (Only compatible with 2.4GHz Network)

Water Shortage Reminder
When the water in the tank is less than 400ML, the Water indicator light on the control panel will flash and the pump within the app will shift from blue to orange water to remind you to add more water. Friendly to people who always forget to add water to the tank.

Garden Recordkeeping via "Gennec" App
Plant Diary lets record varieties you grow and what you're learning as you garden, while sharing joy with your friends/family. In later years, look back at your garden records and decide what to change or keep the same.

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