GrowGreen All-in-One Indoor Bundle

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iDOO 12 Pods Indoor Herb Garden Kit (style): US

iDOO 12 Pods Indoor Herb Garden Kit (style)

iDOO Seed Pods kit Hydroponics Garden Kit with 12 pcs Growth Sponges (Style): US

iDOO Seed Pods kit Hydroponics Garden Kit with 12 pcs Growth Sponges (Style)

Hydroponic Circulation System

Designed with a water-pump circulation system, flowing the water, increasing the water-oxygen, help plants growing faster than soil.
Air Circulation System: A fan on light panel helps to promote air flow, not only increase the success rate of pollination, but also balance the temperature near plants. Using ball rotating fan to reduce noise.

High-Performance Grow Lights

The 23-Watt LED lights of hydroponics growing system simulate the sunlight spectrum, promoting plants' photosynthesis in any weather. You have total control over the weather all year round, no mess, no limitation.

A Germination Kit

The garden comes with 24pcs degradable palm sponges and 12pcs grow domes. Using a whole sponges to transplant is alive easier than other transplant ways. Much suitable for the germination and transplantation of tomatoes and peppers.

Height-Adjustable Garden Kit

The height of the lighting part of the hydroponics growing system can be adjusted for plants at different growth stages. Grow 12 plants at a time, works up to 11.02 inches.

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