Indoor LED Hydroponic System
1. Why do only a few of the plants grow and once grown, they quickly wither?
  1. The seeds you purchase make a difference. For best results, purchase seeds from reliable sources and avoid purchasing seeds that are unsuitable for water hydroponic devices.
  2. Ensure you are using the correct proportion of nutrient solution to water.
  3. Keep LED lights at least 3-4inch away from the plants and place the Gardening.Kit in a 59°F-86°F (15-30°C) environment.
2. Can sponges be reused?
The Sponges are only reusable if the stem of the plants are completely pulled out, however we do not recommend doing so as the Sponge is most effective during the first use. We offer a specific link to purchase extra Sponges. Contact support@idooworld.com via email for more information.
3. Does it kill the plant to remove it from a sponge (if l want to move it to a pot, for example)?
The plant should normally survive this move, however it is best to wait until the plant is vigorous and healthy to improve the chance of survival.
4. Why are the seeds not germinating?
It may impacted by temperature. You may also try to cultivate the seeds in normal soil to test whether it may be a problem with the seeds.
5. Why doesn’t it bloom or bear fruit?
Make sure the nutrition is enough, always top off water level and add liquid nutrients proportionally.
6. Why does it get moldy?
  1. The temperature is too high, causing the enzymes needed for seed germina_x005ftion become inactivate.
  2. There is too much water and insufficient oxygen, and the seeds perform anaerobic respiration
  3. The seed itself has wounds and has become invaded by other microorganisms.
  4. Plants with lush branches and leaves are recommended to be planted at intervals with ample space, which is more conducive to the healthy growth. Cover the vacant holes to prevent insect eggs, molds, or bacteria from falling into the water tank and affecting the growth of plant roots.
  5. Clean the water tank regularly to avoid bacteria growth. In the process of planting, if there are dead plants and other poorly growing plants, they should be removed in time to prevent root erosion bacteria.
7. How to prevent the sponge from getting moldy/algae?
basket lables are included in the package to prevent the sponge from getting moldy/algae. You can also cover the sponge with an opaque film, such as tin foil.
Smart Scales
1. How do I get started with my new iDOO Bluetooth scale?


Before first use: Install battery:

Properly install the AAA batteries included in the package.


Use the scale in a firm, flat and stable location, avoid any carpet.


Search "Gennec" in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Download and install the free "Gennec" App onto your smart phone.


Open the App and follow set-up and pairing instructions:

  1. Register your account in the GennecApp with email or phone number
  2. Enable Bluetoothand network on your smart phone.

For iOS users, iOS 13 or above version requires Bluetooth permissions:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Scroll to the GennecApp.
  3. Enable Bluetooth permission.

For Android users, make sure your location is enabled for Android 5.0 or later.


Pairing the iDOO scale with your smart phone:

1.Enable Bluetooth and network on your smart phone

2. Step onto the scale with bare and dry feet on the scale's conductive area to turn on the scale.

Make sure the screen light up.

3. Keep the phone close to the scale and wait 3-5 seconds (or pull down on home page to refresh), scale will automatically connect.

4 Tap the device name "iDOO Bluetooth body fat scale" on the home page.

5. Complete your basic information.Please make sure your information is right.

6. Keep standing on the scale for few Pairing is successful when your metrics Appear on the GennecApp.


Congratulations! You have successfully completed the first measurement, now you can check the metrics in the App.

2. What is the weight accuracy of my scale?

The iDOO scale has an incremental measurement accuracy range that is based on how much you weigh:

50kgs: ± 0.2kg

100kgs ± 0.3kg

150kgs ± 0.4kg

110lbs: ± 0.66lb

220lbs ± 0.88lb

330lbs ± 1.1lbs

For example, if you weigh 220lbs, the scale is accurate to within 0.88lbs.

Please don't use the scale if you weigh more than 396 lbs.


3. How do I get an accurate weight?
  1. Place the scale on a hard and flat surface. Softer floors such as carpet can cause inaccuracies.
  2. Step on the scale with one foot until the LCD screen lights up. Then step off and wait for the LCD screen to display "0.00". When "0.00" is displayed, the scale is calibrated. Take off your shoes and socks and make sure both feet are on the electrode plates on either side.
  3. During the measurement, try to keep your weight centered directly above and over the scale as much as possible.
  4. Keep standing on the scale for about 10 seconds. Even if your weight is displayed, the scale may still be measuring your other body metrics; do NOT step off the scale while the scale is still measuring. After about 10 seconds, you will be able to view your body metrics in the App.


If you think you're getting inaccurate results, it may be caused by the following factors:

  1. A type of internal error. Try resetting the scale by taking one battery out for 5 seconds and putting it back in.
  2. An unbalanced floor could also cause inaccurate results. Always try using the scale on a flat surface. Putting it on a soft surface such as carpet can also cause inaccuracies.
  3. Check the legs/pads of the scale for any obstruction that may cause an imbalance.
4. How does the scale measure my body fat and other body composition metrics?

iDOO Smart Body Composition Scales use the Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) Method to assess body compositions. Measuring body fat in relation to lean body mass is an integral part of health and nutrition evaluations.

This non-invasive test simply involves your feet touching four electrodes on the scale. A low level, imperceptible electrical current is sent through the body. The flow of the current is affected by the amount of water in the body. The device measures how this signal is impeded through different types of tissue. Tissues that contain large amounts of fluid and electrolytes, such as blood, have high conductivity, but fat and bone slow the signal down. As BIA determines the resistance to flow of the current as it passes through the body, it provides estimates of body water from which body fat is calculated using selected algorithms.

This is why the measurements need to be done barefoot, with both the user's feet on the scale touching the metal pads.


5. Why does the scale not detect body fat and other data?
  1. Make sure your feet are bare.
  2. Make sure your phone is connected to both Internet and Bluetooth.
  3. Stand firmly on the scale with feet apart, facing the LCD digital display.
  4. Wait about 10s for the weighing process to finish.
  5. Try applying moisturizer to your feet and measure again.
  6. Make sure your personal information is right.
  7. Bluetooth is paired with a different scale.
6. Why does my scale stop working?

Please replace with new batteries:

  1. Please ensure the positioning of the batteries is correct.
  2. If there is any rust on the surface of the battery compartment, please clean it.
  3. Please make sure all points of contact are tight.

Tips for extending service life:

  1. When not in use for a long period of time, please remove the batteries and place the device in a dry room and protect it against extreme moisture, heat, lint, dust, and direct sunlight. Never place any heavy objects on the device.
  2. Replace the battery within 3 days when the scale displays "Lo".
  3. Excessive heat may damage the battery. Avoid using and storing the scale in high temperature places.
7. How do I delete a measurement?
  1. Open the GennecAppand go to "Trends".
  2. Tap the calendar icon at the top right corner. Then you can get into the "History data".
  3. Choosethe date and find the data you want todelete.
  4. Drag the data to theleft, delete icon will show up, then confirm.

    8. I have two scales at different locations. How do I connect the correct scale with my App?
    You will need to have both scales paired with your phone. When you measure, you may need to select the correct scale in the homepage of the Gennec App.
    9. How can I change which measurement to track?

    If you want to change the comparison baseline:

    1. Select/tap the "Trend" tab.
    2. Select/tap the comparison dock (weight / Body Fat / BMI) in the page.
    10. How do I modify my gender, age, or height?
    1. Go to Measure Page, pressthe user iconat the top left corner for 2-3 seconds.
    2. You will then see the same profile page from when you were setting up your account.
    3. Select "Save"after you changed your gender, age, or heightetc.
    11. How do I change my password?
    1. Go to "Me"inhome page of the Gennec App.
    2. Tap/select your nameorprofile picture.
    3. Tap/select"Account and Security" to change login password.
    12. How to turn on/off Athlete Mode?
    1. Go to Measure Page, press the user icon for 2-3 seconds.
    2. You will then see the profile page.
    3. Turn on/off the Athlete Mode.
    4. Select "Save".
    13. How to delete a scale user under my account?

    To delete a scale user under your account:

    1. Go to Measure Page, press the user icon for 2-3 seconds.
    2. You will see a "Delete" button on the profile page.
    3. 3. Tap "Delete" and tap "Confirm" to confirm your deletion.
    14. How do I switch between units (i.e. lb and kg) on the scale display?
    1. Step on the scale to sync it to the App.
    2. Select/tap the "Setting" tabin the App.
    3. Select/tap "Weight Unit".
    4. Select/tap your desired weight unit: pounds, kilograms, or stones.
    5. Step on the scale to sync it to the Appin order to complete the unit switch.


    Note: The scale just can display pounds, kilograms but stones.

    15. Does the scale support multiple users?

    Your scale supports an unlimited number of users. It is perfect for an entire family's use.


    There are three ways a scale can be used by multiple users:

    1. Individual account owners. Each person is independent and keeps measurement data private. This is the most common method to allow multiple users per scale. You share the scale but not each user's data with each other:

    1) Each person downloads the Gennec App on their own smartphone and creates their own individual account.

    2). When weighing, each user opens their App each time they use the scale, so the measurements sync to the App in the user's smartphone immediately.


    1. A scale user that is under a different account owner. This user does not have an independent account. This user's measurements sync to the account owner's App. The account owner has measurement data of all users under his/her account. Some examples of this type of user are children under their parents or a group of people under their coach. This is ideal for parents to track their child's weight or fitness coaches tracking their clients' progress.

    To add such a user, do the following:

    • Select/tap the "Measure" tab.
    • Tap/Select user icon.
    • Tap/Select "Add New User".
    • Complete profile information.
    • Tap/Select "Save".

    Note: Historical data will still be saved in your account.



    1. The 3rd method is adding "Friends". Each friend has an individual account and data syncs to their own account. One user can "Add a Friend", then a friend request will be sent out. After the friend request is accepted, the two users become "Friends". Between the two friends, they can view each other's measurement history but not other's personal information in each other's profile. It is great for weight loss buddies to hold each other accountable and encourage each other.
    • Select/tap the "Measure" tab.
    • Tap/Select user icon.
    • Tap/Select "Add New User".
    • Choose Invite friend, tap/select "Invite immediately"
    • Enter your friend's GennecApp
    • Wait for your friend's App
    16. Why does the weight displayed on the scale differ from that displayed on the App when converted to stones?
    If you select to view your weight in st+lb in the App, please note that the App will display your weight in stone rounded down to the nearest whole number and then display the remainder weight in imperial pounds. For example, someone who weighs 142.8 lbs (on the scale) will have their weight display as 10 stones 2.8 lbs in the App (10 stones = 140 pounds; 140+2.8 = 142.8 pounds). Please keep this in mind if you are trying to convert the pounds you see displayed on the scale to compare it to the App's display in stone. If you use a conversion calculator for 142.8 lbs, it would display 10.2 stones.
    17. My scale displays a non-zero number when there is nothing on it. I can't make it display 0.00. How can I reset?
    1. Remove one of the batteries out of the scale.
    2. Wait for 5 seconds and put the battery back in.
    3. This resets the scale. Try stepping onto the scale again to check whether it can display 0.00 when there is no weight on it.
    18. Can I use this smart scale without connecting to an App?

    Yes, the scale can be used in 2 ways:

    1. You can have the scale synced with your phone. The measurements are uploaded to the mobile App immediately.
    2. You can use the scale without your phone.
    19. Why are my body composition numbers different from the ones I see at my gym, doctor, etc.?
    Body composition analysis is an inexact science, regardless of the manufacturer or method of measurement. Because your scale combines the measurements it takes with variables stored in your user profile according to our algorithm, the numbers you see may vary from those you see using other measurement methods – which is completely normal. When you're measuring body composition, it's more important to pay attention to overall trends than the absolute value of a single measurement.
    20. Who should use Athlete Mode?

    For the purposes of Athlete Mode for the iDOO Bluetooth Smart Scales, an athlete is defined as someone who consistently works out for Approximately 3 times a week for 2 hours. This may also Apply to people, who previously worked out frequently for a long period of time but less now. This mode is also suitable for people involved in endurance sports, such as running and cycling.

    If you are still wondering whether or not you should use Athlete Mode, don't worry too much about it. There is not an exact moment where you are - or are not - an athlete. Some people will get a slight underestimation on athlete mode and a slight overestimation on standard adult mode, falling into a gray area. In which case, the most important factor to look for in the iDOO Bluetooth Smart Scales is when you are given consistent readings over a period of time. Sticking with the same assessment system will likely yield a better overall picture of a person's health status. Relative changes in value are more meaningful than the absolute value of a single measurement.

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