WiFi 12 Pods Indoor Garden with 6.5L Water Tank

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- WiFi-Enabled with App Control

Pair it with the "Gennec" app via WiFi to remotely manage your hydroponics system from anywhere. Adjust light, fan, and pump settings for different growth stages. Keep a plant diary for important notes and an enriched planting experience. (Only compatible with 2.4GHz Network).

- 6.5L Large Water Tank

The iDOO 6.5L super large water tank is essential for matured plants, providing ample space for root development and keeping them fresh for 2 to 3 weeks without watering, even when you're away.

- 2 Planting Modes & Adjustable Light Height

Choose 'Vegetable' or 'Flowers & Fruits' mode for specific light conditions. Adjust the light height up to 14.5 inches to suit every growth stage.

- LED Grow Light & Fan

The 22-Watt full spectrum LED grow light mimics sunlight, ensuring prosperous plant growth year-round. The built-in fan disperses heat during germination and spreads pollen for better flowering.

- Water Shortage Reminder

When the water level is below 1L, the Fan&Water indicator flashes, and the app's pump icon turns orange to prompt you to add water. Perfect for those who tend to forget. (For Shopify selling).

- Product Specification
Low noise fan; Silent water pump
Larger Water Tank Capacity: 6.5L
Number of Pods: 12
Dimensions: 13.8 * 10.24 * 13.39 inch
Max Height of Rod: 14.5 inches
Product Type: Hydroponic
LED Light: 22-Watt Full Spectrum

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